How To Get V Bucks Free in Fortnite Battle Royale (Tips & Tricks Strategy)

Fortnite V Bucks Hack is a leisure time partner for many of you out there. Fortnite’s Battle Royale new game mode was launched a year ago as a spin mode for Epic’s otherwise PvE co-op sandbox Fortnite. How To Get V Bucks Free in Fortnite Battle Royale is not only having the unique building mechanics but also a really brilliant optimization. Each level of this game leads you to a bunch of new gaming tactics.

Here are all the necessary things which you need to enjoy for the refreshment of your body and brain like the challenging atmosphere and opportunities to act as a real-life hero sitting in one place. This game is totally free, you can play solo, double player or in a squad up to 3 other mates without investing money, to meet up the challenges according to game rules you can earn points or rewards as V Bucks at every level.

How To Get V Bucks Free in Fortnite Battle Royale

The way Fortnite v bucks generator are the in-game money which requires at some levels to unlock some other interesting features. Although Fortnite Battle Royale is free at some items needs to be unlocked through in-game coins purchase with real currency all the way through microtransactions but it has some other ways to get so.

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With the popularity in the gaming world and becoming the hot favourite site for enthusiastic players and fan following, keeping in view all the attractiveness of this game, many hidden wicked individuals are trying to sell the players to get gain V Bucks free. They all are providing just claptrap, please be aware and do not become a bait for those nasty people. Because the ways they use to do so can be disappointing for you as you can be banned from the game, as a result, this kind of fraud.

The listed below method are the only legal way to earn free V Bucks and no any other way will be entertained by the gaming personal.

  1. Daily Login
  2. Complete Daily Quests
  3. Complete Storm Shield Missions
  4. Complete Challenges & Side Quests
  5. Participate In Events
  6. Buy A High-End V Bucks Package

Method 1 – Daily Login:

Fortnite Daily Login
At initial the easiest thing which the gamer can do to earn free V-Bucks is to log in the game on a daily basis. Each day you will earn a reward by logging into, it will take some of your time but the reward will be good enough, and this reward will range from every aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale like cosmetic items, weapons, V-Bucks and so on as there are a lot of features where you will gain and consume your reward to build up your interest to the higher level of pleasure. It is very easy to process to complete.

Method 2 – Complete Daily Quests:

Fortnite Complete Daily Quests
The constant logging on daily basis IN THE SAVE World, you will enter the next level named Daily quests. At this level in the Fortnite, you will face a lot of challenges as daily Quests.

In this mission, you will get a task on a daily basis, and that must be completed so that you can earn the reward. These tasks can be of any kind like the completion of a certain task by some hero or killing some enemies like a hero according to the situation or demand. Getting free V-bucks thorough this method some things are to be taken into account like completing tress daily Quests each day. You can earn V Bucks Glitch on each successful task.

All daily challenges will be more of use if you complete those on the same day, otherwise, leave another day will add more challenges on the next login. This process is completely arranged as the maximum amount of daily Quests is three, and once you receive three each day, so for getting more quests you have to complete another challenge to receive another new. In this way, you will earn free V-bucks in a legal way.

Method 3 – Complete Storm Shield Missions:

There are many other missions to earn more V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale, like completing the Storm shield Mission.

Once you will progress in the main storyline in the Save World mode, you will get many more challenges in the further four areas of this game after unlocking each level. All of the four main areas has further missions, for the most part, as much progress you will make further to unblock all four domains as a side quest. You will be getting much more V-Bucks after each successful mission.

Every successful step will enter you in a new realm of more interesting challenges and will earn more rewards for you. Likely you will get the reward of Fortnite v bucks free for all the missions as much you make progress, after the initial missions at the ten mission you will get 150 bonus, V Bucks, this is one of the best ways to get V Bucks legally.

Method 4 – Complete Challenges & Side Quests:

There are some technical points where you can earn extra V-Bucks while entered in the main storyline of the Fortnite Battle Royale. There are many hidden challenges and quests which you can go along with to earn more rewards after unlocking those missions at different times.

You can earn unlimited Fortnite V Bucks at the successful completion of the challenge in a fixed routine line. Find these challenges and extra quests by tapping the main menu on quests. All side quests cannot earn you V-Bucks but some of those, others will unlock the advanced levels to get the desired reward.

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Method 5 – Participate In Events:

Participate In Events
Under the main menu, tapping on the Quests, you can check many more options to get the reward and earn V-bucks through some more challenges and events. These events can earn more points and item as well as V-Bucks.

Different quests will lead you to the events which happen weekly. All these events will enhance your experience for sure with the Fortnite Battle Royale. You can enjoy the events as well as earn through these. This is one of the authorized sources to earn V-Bucks, so don’t fall for any other scam that tries to trick the gamer to make them believe that getting free V-Bucks is possible through these illegal tricks.

Method 6 – Buy A High-End Fortnite V Bucks Package:

buy a high end v bucks package
This is the very last mean to gain Fortnite V Bucks by purchasing the higher V Bucks. There are different packages which offer a different amount and rewards. Only this method requires you to purchase PvE (Players vs. enemies) mode in save the world storyline to get gain the V Bucks. This mode is the original game launched on July 25, 2017, for Xbox One, PS4, Windows, and Mac. Epic Games affirmed that the Save the World will be free of cost sometimes in 2018. You can opt to hang around till that.

We still have a lot of features to add before the PvE campaign is complete. We will launch the save the World PvE campaign for free in 2018. – Epic Games

Let’s have a look below to these packages and the rewards you can get by purchasing.

fortnite v bucks free

Purchasing Amount:

  • $9.99 package: This package will not earn free V-Bucks but can provide some other rewards.
  • $24.99 package: This can earn a bit of reward, but does not render the desired impressive one.
  • $59.99 package: Now this can deal you with an additional reward of $15 value V-Bucks.
  • $99.99 package: This also provides you with a great, as with purchase this offers you an extra worth of $35 V-Bucks.

Anyone of the gamers can choose according to their choice from the above-mentioned packages to have much more fun in the Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Fortnite Battle Royale has a lot of temptations to your challenging nature, here are a lot of opportunities to combat like a real-life situation and to earn a lot of rewards as Fortnite V Bucks Hack in the game currency. All the ways to gain these V-Bucks is defined above and there are no other legal ways to get free V-Bucks till yet.

These methods described above the only source to get you free reward, any other illegal way will lead you to be banned. Getting free v-bucks through any scam or illegal scheme is not possible. There are some well-designed websites and shared links which can make you believe to get free v-bucks, but all these illegal ways are totally fake and must be avoided. Their claim to provide free fortnight rewards is nothing more than a con so don’t fall for that.

Fortnight always tries to serve in the best and easy way to the gamer like many other games, Fortnite sacrifice the initial charges, it is totally free, so enjoy keeping on the right and legal track. Only the above-mentioned ways could earn the extra v bucks for you to get new the items and can be a save passage for the next session.

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